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Ver. 6.00

New: Surey Maker now as a new Sectional Title module with a function for drawing the plans and some new calculation functions.

New: Added the On-The-Fly ID functionality to Survey Maker with a few basic ID Options for a start.

New: New option in Erven File Tool to Copy a Figure Definition over to the Block Corners Section.

New: Added a new features to the Cadastral Plan function to select which Layers get Imported onto the new Cadastral Plan.

New: The Erven File Tool will now allow the user to edit the distance and direction data in preparation for the Cadastral Plan

New: Reduced all the CAD Line Create functions into one menu where the users can select the method of creating a new CAD Line

New: The user can now select if the Distance & Direction or only one of the two must be written on a new CAD Line.

New: Added the option to create a Real Poly Line or to create a Poly Line broken into individual segments.

New: Added new function to switch CAD layers on or off and also to lock or activate CAD layers.

New: In the Cadastral Plan function the user can now select an area of the total plan to place on a certain sheet.

New: Added an option to create a new destination dataset when converting or copying dataset values.

New: Added a new function under the Dataset Options menu to Reduce the content of a dataset to a single KOORD station.

New: Added two new options to the Peg Index Register to Export the Peg's to a .csv file or to a Text Editor for printing.

New: Added two format options for the figure description The Figure ABCDA & The Figure ABCD.

New: A new function has been added into the program as part of the Mining Module for creating a Peg Register.

New: Added functionality to set the Cadastral Plan Coordinate & Data Block CAD Pen & Line Settings.

New: Added an option in the Cadastral Plan to display the angles with a dot or a space as delimiter.

New: When calculation the correction angle for a station the program will lock that correction to the station.

New: In the Traverse, Single Polar, Double Polar & Single Point Fix functions the locked orientation will be used & set.

New: Designed a new report for the Compare & Mean Coordinates function that shows the Z-Coord. Values & Dz Comparison.

New: A new CAD Text function has been added to assign Erf Numbers with in an easy one step process.

New: There is now an Import Data option under the Project Menu in Survey Maker to make for quicker file imports.

New: When you double click on a .smp file in Windows Explorer Survey Maker will open the project automatically.

New: There is now a shortcut to the Network Adjustment Tool under Calculations menu in the  main screen.

New: In the Erven File Tool the surveyed block corner names can now be used as the plan names.

New: Copy, Cut & Past option was activated in the Data function to allow points to be copied or moved between projects.

New: When working with the Erven File tool and you click on an Erf in the Main CAD Screen the tool will jump to that figure.

New: Automatically generate CAD data in the Survey Maker Main Screen from the Erven File definition file.

New: Added the functionality to the Single & Radial Polar functions to read Observation data from the fieldbook.

New: Added a "Check Back" feature on the Mining Traverse Calculation when using the Double Setup Method to calc pegs

Update: Improved the DTM Snap mode routine for more precise snapping data when working with closely grouped points.

Update:  The Beacon Search function will now search over multiple Lo bands and convert the import data to the project datum.

Update: When defining Erf figure with the GUI method the program will make sure the first point isn’t duplicated.

Update: Survey Maker can now import Arc’s and Circle’s from any DXF, DWG or DGN file format.

Update: When using Selected Transformation in the Helmert Tool not all the selected points where transformed.

Update: Improved the placement of the Figure Names and Dimensions on the General Plan in the Cadastral Plan function.

Update: Improved the Consistency Report to look at the Printout Constants and apply it to the report data.

Update: Improved the search method that retrieves the coordinate data into the Traverse function.

Update: Activated the back sight check in the Traverse function for when only using direct observation data.

Update: All DXF/DWG/DGN files will now export the pen colours and line widths for the CAD data form Survey Maker.

Update: Expanded the pattern placement function in the Cadastral Plans for more control over final result.

Update: The Mining Module Peg Register has new functions to Edit, Insert and View Peg Calculations as saved in the register.

Update: Spaces can be added in front of a line in the Cadastral Plan Data Blocks to add leading space in front of the Text.

Update: Cadastral Plan constants will now be applied to the grid display values also.

Update: Patterns with Text as part of the pattern can now be displayed in Survey Maker.

Update: The Plotter CAD Pen Settings will now be used when printing Cadastral Plan in colour.

Update: The signature will now be displayed or hidden on the plan according to the Data Block Visible setting.

Update: The Traverse Mining Module will now use the Peg Register as a base to search for Peg Coordinates.

Update: Line Type 6 in Survey Maker was updated for the use as Component File Type in the Cadastral Plans.

Update: Improved the plotting of CAD Patterns in the Cadastral Plan function for all cadastral plans.

Update: Improved and streamlined the interface of the Cadastral Plan Content Settings page to quicker program settings.

Fix: When saving a Cadastral Plan (*.smx) the patterns on the points weren’t saved.

Fix: When renaming a Data Block a duplicate of the Data Block would be left on the Cadastral Plan.

Fix: On some Windows 7 systems the CAD Pen Colours would not save when closing Survey Maker.

Fix: Fixed a problem with the Perpendicular Snap Mode when creating new CAD Lines.

Fix: Fixed screen shift function staying activated after use and the moving the screen anytime users clicks on the screen.

Fix: Fixed problem with Circle Edit function giving a Range Check Error when not reading a circle element.

Fix: In the Mining Traverse function when clicking the button "Remove Setup" not all the entered data was cleared.

Fix: Fixed a problem with the Compare & Mean Coordinates function where the results would only work the first time.

Fix: When updating a current Dataset with values from the Helmert Transformation tool not all the point where updated.

Fix: The Beacon Search function sometimes included some points way up in Africa when working at the coast.

Fix: When only using numbers to name the General Plan Block Corners the numbers would jump on value each block.

Fix: When entering Type II data in the Erven file tool and using the enter key to move to next column the values was zeroed.

Fix: When using the Manual Input of the Mean Shift function to apply the shift and then closing an error occured.

Fix: When unsing the Single Polar fuction to calculate a point and overwrite with an existing point an error occured.


Version 4.11 

NB: - Latest development changes can also be viewed in program using menu - HELP , VERSION HISTORY LOG.

Fix: In the Cadastral Plan function the DTM Point Add function in CAD Mode would only allow a single point to be added.

New: Added a routine to the Cadastral Export function to explode all patterns and trim all line in output CAD file.

Update: Added the DTM Points, DTM Point Labels, Control Points and Background colours options to the Pen Settings window.

Update: When drawing CAD lines with the same colour pen as the colour of the background the colour will display inverted.

Fix: The function to create new Dataset in the Tache & Observation function was temporarily disabled.

Fix: Program got an "Integer Overflow" error when zooming in very close and then trying to delete a DTM Point.

Fix: When importing .KCD files from Model Maker on a Windows XP PC the Text was imported but not visible.

Update: Improved the Zoom Box function's accuracy and also the minimum amount of area it can zoom to.

Update: Survey Make can now read the new Pattern and .KCD file formats exported from Model Maker.

Fix: When doing a Beacon on Line check with the recalculate option active the coordinates didn't update.

Fix: In the Tache & Observation function the option to Swop Orientations to the Observation grid was disabled.

New: Added a new Beacon Search function to scan SA Trig & TSM lists to find available points within a search radius.

* Note: The Trig & TSM lists have been built into Survey Maker for quick access & ease of use.

FIX: CAD Line Join function scaled the calculated distance on the Main Screen to double the actual size.

Fix: When zooming in very close on Polylines the lines would shoot off into the distance in opposite direction.

Update: Refinement of the CAD drawing engine to give working & drawing speeds of up to 8 times faster.

Update: Refinement of the main coordinate database to optimize network speed with gains on local drives also.

* Note: After the project files have been upgraded the old project files will be saved with a "_backup" file extension.

New: Added the Project File Path & File Name to the Project Name display section on the Main Screen as info.

New: When opening the Tache & Observation Screen the window will be in the last opened state, Maximized or Normal.

Fix: After doing a Preview Transformation in the Helmert function the common points where update with new values.

Update: Improved the drawing & refreshing speed of the Main CAD Screen when working with big amounts of CAD Elements.

New: Added the new Pen setting function to read MM, RM & PM pen setting into Survey Maker.

Fix: When sorting a grid by clicking on the heading of the column the heading was lost in the sort.

Fix: When importing a Booker Resection file the Tache shots were imported under the Orientation section.

Fix: In the Consistency by Polars function the function will now automatically close and display the closure.

Fix: When importing Trimble DC files Survey Maker can now import the instrument height from the file.

Fix: When creating CAD Circles in the Cadastral Plan function under some scales the placement would be wrong.

Update: Added Inputs for Tag/Code, Beacon Code & Cadastral Code to all of the Calculation functions.

Update: While importing a Trimble DC file with a Prism Constant in it Survey Maker can apply the constant.

Update: Increased the Direction Input boxes on all Calculation functions to make adding and subtracting easier.

Update: Improved the search function when using the Erven File Tool and clicking on the erf on the Main screen.

Fix: When using the Calculation Functions the Main Results page didn't automatically scroll as data was added.

Update: The Single Point function will now look for fixing rays by coordinate and name comparison.

New: The Booker import function can now read Resection data and also transit observations.

New: Added a new CAD Line function called CAD Line Arrow for automatic lines with arrows at one end of the line.

Fix: In the ASCII Import function the Format 1 didn't always import the entire ASCII file.- Fix: Improved the output of the Helmert Transformation when using a Scale Correction of 1.

Update: Revised the Helmert Transformation Printout so that I will fit neatly on an A4 Page when printing.

New: Added a new format for the Resection Printout that is more detailed with better error checking.

New: Added a graphic view of the resection calculation for a visual method of checking the calculation.

Update: The YXZ file import function will now do error checking on the file format and separator character.

Update: In the Erven File Tool the Block Corner can now be named per block and not just continuous names.

New: A new more detailed report has been added to the Resection Calculation.

New: When using the Conversion Tool to convert coordinates the From & To Dataset will now be in the heading.

Fix: Fixed a problem with the CAD Circle Undo function after deleting a CAD Circle and then using Undo.

Fix: When there is only one point in the Database Survey Maker didn't display it on the Main Screen.

Update: Added all the Snap Modes that is found in the Main Screen to the Cadastral Plan & Inset functions.

New: Added an option in the Network Adjustment Function to see the Adjustment Report in Survey Maker.

New: There is now an option to export the Network Adjusted Coordinates after running the Network Adjustment.

New: Added an option to export the detailed Network Adjustment Report to a normal Text File for Printing.

Fix: Fixed a problem in the Beacon Alignment function when adding the check point manually.

Fix: When Deleting or Renaming Datasets the old or deleted Dataset would stay in the database.

Fix: Range Check Error when using the CAD Text Move or CAD Line Move function and pressing a keyboard key.

Update: Improved the speed of the Control Point Database Import function.

Update: Added an option to close a Control Point file in the Tache & Observation Database.

Update: Activated the TAB Key in the DTM Goto screen for all of the sections in Survey Maker.

Fix: Fixed a problem with the CAD Circle Function not creating a Circle with the required radius.

New: There is two new Snap Modes available: Centre of CAD Circle, CAD Text Origin.

New: Added a Clear button to all the Joins functions to clear the mini Results Window.

New: The Coordinate Comparison Printout can now compare data between multiple Datasets.

New: Added a new button to the Mean Shift function to allow the Selected Control Points to be cleared.

Update: Improved the import speed of the Control Point Data from a network or local source.

Update: CAD Poly Lines will now be imported with all the other CAD Elements into the Cadastral Plan function.

New: Added the feature to the Tache & Observation function to read Circle Left & Circle Right data.

Fix: The Cadastral Plan always displayed the Scale Text on all the pages even when no figure was loaded.

Update: when the Cadastral Plan function is set to Afrikaans language it will apply this to the North Arrow.