Ver.  11.00

1. A dual slope option is added to the Complex Toe batter definition.  Specify 2 different slopes, inward from road reserve and outward from shoulder and intersecting point will be determined automatically.

2. The plan output will be in 3D when doing output to DWG or MM CAD.

3. Output to DWG now pen is per colour OR per pen number.

4. The road design can be exported to Pipe Maker and it will show on the pipe long-sections.

5. The pipes designed in Pipe Maker can be imported to Road Maker as services to show on L- and X-sections.

6. For road networks an intersection report can be generated showing intersecting road details and levels.

7. A Drain can be put at the toepoint of a fill but now fill with height specification.

8. For dual carriageway roads, X-section plotting can be done to show left or right carriageway only.

9. The thicknesses of the left and right lane layers of a carriageway can be seperately and different.

10. The peg distances over which foundation layer groups can be applied increased from 6 to 20.

11. Increase the offsets for layer tolerance checks tp 10 if surveyed offsets are used.

12. Improve the intersection checks on road networks.

13. Additional peg distances can be captured from the horizontal aligment BC and EC peg distances when using the function DATA - L-Section - Add. Peg Distances.

14. The warning message about the layers being to wide for the toepoint has been improved for cases where it was incorrectly reporting the situation.

15. The Hor. and Vert. aligment data written on the L-section drawing , KCD only, is now in seperate columns in the Cad blocks.

16. When a connection to the internet is available the program will check for updates on the MMS website. This option can be activated/de-activated with menu SETTINGS - CONFIGURATION.

17. Getting the various design profile widths from strings defined in Model Maker has been changed and now also include getting the shoulder width. The names of strings need not be specific anymore

18. An option is added on the CALCULATIONS dropdown menu - DESIGN WIDTH REPORT. This will check and report where the ground cross-sections are not wide enough for the  design and where the specified layer widths exceed the toe width.

Ver 8.00

1. Level thickness checks -  Number of offsets per cross-section increased from 6 to 25

2. When working with a road network it is no longer required to have a node (Horizontal PI) where 2 roads intersect.

3. On long-section plotting an additional line is added for user defined information.

4. An Activate and Delete road button is added to the bottom menu when on plan view.

5. The Bellmouth function has been fixed where it did not calculate correctly in some direction of intersection configurations.

6. Incorrect calculation for foundation layer level and thickness tolerance checks on dual carriageway roads are corrected.

7. On long-section view the right-click menu has a new option to view intersecting roads information. It gives incoming road name plus peg distance and elevation at intersection.

8. When outputting plan to DWG the bellmouth ARCs will now be correct in orientation.

9. The Side Drain calculation function now also give the excavation volume for the drain prism. 

10. The REGRADE function on L-section view is enhanced to regrade only a section between 2 indicated VPIs.

11. Increased the number of segments for a kerb definition from 8 to 20.

12. The File - Import Ascii option now also allows for Road Design Center or Vertical offsets to be imported.

13. A dedicated output plot parameter file can be specified to be used for output only.

14. Plotting to a plotter/printer now goes through a Preview first.

15. The masshaul function now allows for a free haul distance to be specified and Cut/Fill within this range is highlighted on drawing.

16. The data link in the background between Model Maker, Road Maker and Pipe Maker is implemented. Exchange DTM models and plan layouts of road network to MM and final design back to MM.

17. The plot preview is now optional when plotting directly to a plotter.

18. On screen plotting speed is improved by not plotting data on plan and l-section that will be un-readable.

19. The data on l-section screen is more readable when sections of less than 800m is displayed.

20. The side slopes for foundation layers may now be defined for Cut/Fill situations seperately.