Scanner Point Cloud data viewer

Data scanning is a big buzz at present for many of our users, especially those involved in mining. Getting the millions of YXZ points from the scanning equipment takes minutes but there are only a few post processing software packages available to convert the data to a workable format for use in conventional terrain modelling software packages like Model Maker.


Our Point Cloud Viewer program is now in its second year and used by more than 100 users. It provide functionality to handle the millions of points easily and get it into Model Maker for normal modelling.



We created 2 short videos that you can look at to see what we have :

  1. Virtual Survey - This function allows for picking of points in the viewer that will immediately be transferred to Model Maker as DTM points.Click to VIEW the Video.
  2. 3D triangle editing - This function will display a triangulated DTM model simultaneously in the viewer and in Model Maker. You can then edit triangle legs in the 3D viewer and it is updated in Model Maker. Click to VIEW the Video


It will only run on the 64bit Windows platform to allow for very large data sets and may be used as a viewer only in the trial version.

The full version consist of 2 modules - A virtual survey module with which data can be extracted for use in Model Maker or any other DTM software package and a Filtering module to remove noise and audit data by classification or user defined parameters. This also include geo-referencing of scanned data. A further module for creating CAD work from the data models is planned for the future. This is an inexpensive and easy to use tool for making point cloud data more usable in conventional terrain modeling packages.


Price for adding it onto an existing Model Maker security key : Module 1 = R 1775.00 , Module 2 = R 1150.00

We would also like to get your requirements on what else the viewer must do. Please email us with ideas and requests.