Model Maker Systems develop and provide support services on the following products only.

Model Maker

Model Maker is a digital terrain modeling program and the most advanced in the Model Maker Systems software suite. Based on survey data from any format various design and calculation functions are available to the engineer or land surveyor.

Road Maker

Road Maker will cater for any new or existing road : major , rural or township of any length. Its advanced functions may be applied to the design and construction.

Pipe Maker

Pipe Maker may be used for design and/or construction applications in sewer, stormwater and water pipe projects. 

Survey Maker

Survey Maker's focus is on cadastral and technical survey calculations in all fields of land survey.

Irri Maker

Irri Maker is a one stop solution to irrigation system designers. From terrain survey, CAD work, planning, hydraulic calculations to equipment reports.