Ver. 11.00

1. The plan output will be in 3D when doing output to DWG or MM CAD.

2. Output to DWG now pen is per colour OR per pen number.

3. The road design can be imported from Road Maker and it will show on the pipe long-sections.

4. For a sewer network a erf connection report is added.

5. The pipes designed can be exported to Road Maker as services to show on L- and X-sections.

6. Regrade long-section by fixed depth.

Ver 8.00

1. On plan view plotting the pipe width lines can be shown.

2. Pipe default files can now contain the minimum-, maximum-slope and manning values for each pipe in the file. Use the EDIT option on the designparameters dialog to define this.

3. On screen plotting of the network plan view is faster because text is only written when the scale allows text to be readable.

4. When a connection to the internet is available the program will check for updates on the MMS website. This option can be activated/de-activated with menu SETTINGS - CONFIGURATION.

5. The velocity of Design flow and Full flow can be shown together on the L-section drawing.

6. An option was added to have the horizontal distance between manholes written in the peg distance block

7. For sewer and stormwater systems the manhole cover top elevation can be specified and written on long-section.

8. On plan the manhole type description and manhole cover level can be written with the other data.

9. From the menu DATA - NETWORK - ADD SECTION TO NETWORK a section can be added from an ASCII file (txt/csv).

10. A dedicated output plot parameter file can be specified to be used for output only.

11. A new report option under PRINT - PIPE LONG SECTION is available whereby the user may define what design attributes is on the report.

11. Plotting to a plotter/printer now goes through a Preview first.