Ver 9.00

Irrigation - Pivot. When placing a new pivot, MM will now optionally also create a new valve at the center point.

Irrigation - Add Pipe.  New feature added when the start or end of the pipe is indicated and user clicks close to a pipe. If the SHIFT key is held down, MM will now divide the pipe and create a new node on it and connect the new pipe to the new node.

Cad - Geo Areas.        Option added to sort the blocks by user defined names

Cad - Text edit.      Option added to get direction from a line to define the text direction.

Analysis - Height Analysis - the number of height intervals have been increased from 10 to 30

Irrigation - User defined block report.    Option added to display totals for flow, area, number of plants and number of laterals.

Cad - Dimension - Line text. Option added to add a prefix or suffix to the distance text.

Cad - Manid - Change. Option added to add a suffix to identified text.

Data - General - Add Constant. - When moving the cad elements by adding a constant to the Y or X coordinates, the Images will now also move to the new position. Please note that Images cannot be rotated, just moved.

Cad - Images.  The loading of ECW images has been improved and multipe ECW files can be selected together and automatically loaded. Number of images has been increased to 200.

Import dtm data from user defined coordinate files.  This option has been enhanced and the user can now select multiple files to be loaded in one go.

Gxt Strings - Option added to label strings with the slope length. In past only the plan length was an option.

Sections - When the user has to indicate the origin on the screen of any longsection to be copied to cad, a basic frame is shown so the user can determine how it will fit.  In the past the user had no idea how much space the longsection will need.

New cursor snap modes - Jumping to a user entered dtm code or dtm tag.

Export coordinates - If the project description is empty, a blank line was outputted as first line of the coordinate list. This has been changed and a blank project description will force the program to start with the first coordinate on the first line of the ASCII file.

Irrigation Flow Calculation - Option added to change the color and line type of the top and bottom envelope limit lines.

Plotting - Option added to automatically state the contour interval in the remarks column of the standard title block.

Irrigation - A new info button has been added allowing the user to inspect nodes and pipes but just hovering over them. A popup window displays the properties of the element.

Irrigation - When selecting a sprinkler from the database, you may now define the operating pressure manually. In the past you could only select a value from the flow curve values.

Cad Text - Option added to create a dimension from the total length of a polyline.  In the past, only lengths of each line segment was possible.

Cad - Option added to rotate the identifies cad text elements to the closest line.

Analysis - New function added that will simulate the flow pattern over the model originating from an indicated line or gxt string. The new function is used to predict flood flow patterns.

Strings - Alignment string. The option is now available to add chainage detail to alignment string when doing regular redraws. Previously the detail was only shown when the info was copied to cad.

Irrigation - An image with different colors, indicating the status of the irrigation blocks are now shown next to the blocks list on the right hand side of the main irrigation dialog box.

Output Shapefile - Options added to also output contours and triangles.

Utility - Option added to copy (print) the screen image to a jpg file.  The resolution of the JPG file is double that the normal screen to bitmap result.

Virtual 3D - The resolution of the Copy to clipboard has also been doubled.

Cad Line types - A new line definition format has been added to allow the drawing of parallel lines with different colors and circle end points.

Cad Id , DoID - In the list box, showing the number of identified elements, it now also show the slope length of all the identified lines.

Gxt , Utility - Option added to calculate 4 anchor points from an indicated string. This function can be used to get anchor points for powerline poles.

Terrace , cut&fill - Option added to show the results in summary form, excluding the volume by depth.

DTM , Points Identify - Option added to identify all the points inside the identified strings.

Output , Plotter - When plotting filled hatch and selecting only black and white color, the hatch still plotted in real color. This has been corrected.

Height Analysis - The input of user defined height values has been changed as to accommodate 3 decimals in the number.

Backup - Option added to exclude DTM data of more than 500 000 points if the dtm has not changed.

DWG output - When outputting underlined cad text, the DWg/DXF will now also define the text as underlined. Same when reading a DWG with underlined text.

Cad , Polyline - Option to convert regular lines to polylines has been enhanced to handle an erven file correctly so the resulting polylines will be define around each erf border.

Cad , Dimensions , double arrows - Option added to show distances and arrow perpendicular to a user defined baseline.

Ver. 8.00

Terrace - Cut and fill in area.  Option added to select the area by indicating a cad hatch element.

GXt - Report ID strings. Option added to send results to Xcel format. Layout improved to show complete Pipe String type information.

Gxt - Report - Identified string. Now the user can select to also show the peg chainages on the reports.

GXt - Added an Invert ID button to the IDentify strings dialog box.

Cad - Id on the fly. Two new buttons were added to this dialog box. Id Layer and Change ID.

Cad - Pattern. When creating a pattern which included another pattern as entity, MM did not correctly saved the sub pattern in the file. This has been corrected.

Cad - ManID. Option added to add a constant value to any identified text elements. Mostly used when text describe an elevation and a constant has to be added to all the 'elevation' cad text.

Cad - Drawing a user defined line consisting of 2 or more shape. The speed has been improved.

Survey Join. - The join between the 2 indicated points will now temporarily be shown on the screen with a yellow line. The line will be removed when a Replot is done.- Point - ID - Triangle area.  When identifying OUtside the triangles of another project, the program did not work correctly. Problem rectified. 

Point - Add - Polyline. When points were added on a regular interval and also on the endpoints, the sequential order of the new points were out. This has been improved and the first endpoint will be added, then all the regular interval point. In the past it was the other way around.

Irrigation - New function added to change the order of the blocks in the list.

Analysis - Slope area.  Option added to calculate the slope area of indicated island of triangles.

Interaction with Road Maker and Pipe Maker has been improved. New functions were implemented whereby data can be send between MM,RM and PM in virtual format.  No need to save and load files anymore.

Import ASCII files. New option added to extract the lowest and highest points within a specified grid block interval.

Zoom: Option added to zoom to all the identified element. Elements include Dtm Points, Cad elements and GXt strings.

Auto Update option under Settings - Configuration. Check for updates from MMS website and install.

Paper Windows. When saving the paper windows, the plotting scale is now also saved in the file. When the paper windows are then loaded at a later stage the program will prompt you if the plotting scale is different.

Mining - New function added to print the relative layer depths at certain points to Xcel.

Default colors. Optional check box added to automatically save the default mmw.co2 color file when changes have been made to the plotting colors.

User Title blocks. The problem that existed with invert title blocks, where any images (logos) did not plot, has been fixed.

Id on the fly. When selecting an area and the SHIFT key is pressed, the mode is changed and the user can then define an irregular area.

Cad Display - Layers on/off.  Option added to replot after each on/off click when the SHIFT key is held down.

Survey - Convert. Option added to convert all the irrigation projects, not only the active one.

Irrigation. New flow unit of liter/minute has been added.

Cad Text : Add multiple text.  The new text and hatch and frame (if selected) will all now be grouped onto a cad block entity.

Cad Hatch : Option to set the Opaque value of full fill hatches. This allows a hatch to be transparent and will let elements below the hatch show through.

Cad Layers. Option added to sort the plotting order of lines so all the lines on a certain layer plot before any other.

Cad - Import Dwg with 3DFace elements. A technical issue regarding the visibilty of elements on a 3DFace has been corrected.

Cad Pattern - Optimize. A technical problem regarding the read and write of patterns during this process has been corrected.

Cad - Manid - Option added to change the start and end angle of identified circles.

Cad - Line - Polyline. New function added to create a new polyline, parallel to an existing one but to a user defined area. Normally used to define a golf green with a certain size.

Cad Line Add. Centerline. In the past, the lines were only added at equal distances between the end points of the 2 base lines. An alternative option has been added which will add the new lines at equal angles between the 2 base lines.

Cad - Polylines. Polylines with just a single node did not display on the graphics. This has been corrected.

Cad Hatch : Option added to explode only identified hatches.

Dtm Point Add - Polyline. In the past, the new dtm points had a constant elevation (equal to that of the node). This has been changed and new points at a constant interval will have interpolated elevations based on the node elevations of the line segment.

DTM Point ID, Manid - Output to Cad. Option added to write the point coordinate values as Geograpical format values.

Dtm Point. When adding points on a grid, you can now optionally also have points added to the boundary of the area.

Powerlines: 2 items have been added onto the spanning sheets. 1) The YX coordinate of the pole. 2)The internal deflection angle.

Powerlines. When editing a pole, a shortlist of database poles was shown. You can now select to also show all the poles.

Config. Option to use an alternative language definition to display some of the dialogs in the text as defined by the MM_Language.def file

Import GSM data. This function has been improved. In the past it took hours to rebuild the triangle sides, now it only takes seconds to complete.

Powerlines. The short/long span indicator normally draws a red arrow. The arrow will now change to green if the pole is strained.

DB-Shape. Option added to use a specific shape Field as layer name when copying lines and Text to Cad.

Mining Volume. Option added to export results to Xcel in a single line format.

Mining : Optimize terrace. Option added to report the calculated volume of a design dump with a defined top elevation.

Output Dwg. Option added to output ONLY the identified Cad elements to Dwg.

Shape file. A technical problem regarding Shape files has been corrected. In the past, when a shape was loaded, closed and loaded again, the program produced an error. This has now been corrected.

Boreholes. Option added to create initial borehole entries directly from DTM points of the active dtm project.

MOSS Gen file. Option added to import a GEN file as GXT strings.

General : The program has been improved to work better with associated files. When in windows explorer and a MM file type is double clicked, MM will automatically open and load the file.If MM is already open, a file can also be dragged from explorer and dropped into MM.

Google Earth. The option to re-elevate DTM elevations based on Google Earth maps have been improved. Now you do not have to first make and export a KML file to GE. MM will now, for each DTM point send the coordinets to GE and automatically get back the Z value. This new simplified method also increases the speed by which points are re-elevated.

Images from Google Earth. New function added to break the GE image into 16 zoomed images to increase the accuracy.

Coordinates. When converting data between LO (Y and X) and Geographical (Lat and Long), Model Maker has been changed to be more consistant and X=Latitude and Y=Longitude. In the past it was the otherway around.

Paper - Keyplan. Technical issues with this function has been corrected.

Data General : Add Constant. Option added to also add a constant to the irrigation project.

Irrigation : Pivots.  On the default tab a new option to show the pivot number or name as text has been added.

Irrigation blocks. Option added to use the existing blocks layout and fill other blocks (with no pipes and nodes) with the base block's layout.

Irrigation : Option added on the nodes and pipes page to plot the irrigation text in fixed mm sizes or allow the sizes to vary according to the set scale.

Irrigation. Report added to calculate the additional pressure because of Water Hammer.

Irrigation : Plot selected parts. This only worked correctly in irrigation project #1. It has been corrected and the display of selected nodes/parts shows correctly in all the irrigaton projects.

MainMenu. When clicking on the status bar showing the coordinate system, the Config dialog box will now be shown. When clicking on the status bar showing the current scale, the dialog box to change the scale is shown.

Strings, Vertical View - Special. Option added to manage boreline drilling profiles.

Tri Search parameters. The option to restrict the search by area has been separated from the Code and ID restrictions. Now you can specify that only points with a certain code WITHIN an area must generate triangles.