Model Maker Systems is a proudly South-African company providing advanced software to surveyors, contractors and engineers.

First software development started in 1982 as a tool to do engineering work.

Developers :

Model Maker -1982 : Ben van den Heever
Road Maker and Pipe Maker – 1985  : Carel Viljoen
Survey Maker - 2004  : Abrie Viljoen

Model Maker Systems was established in 1989 to market the software commercially

Marketing policy is based on fair pricing and outstanding support

Development is guided by user requests and practical application

Annual support is lowest in IT industry for similar software at 8% of original purchase value

Official agents :

Senninger Irrigation : North- and South-America since 1995
MMS Design  : Cape provinces since 2001. (Previously Dragan Systems, Tritan Surveys)
Cadquant   : Kwa-Zulu Natal since 2008. (Previously Kevin McDonagh)
TopSurvey  : Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi since 2011

Software developed for technical- and land-surveying, engineering, mining, town-planning, landscaping, quantity surveying, irrigation design and construction.

Survey calculations and diagrams, digital terrain / ground modelling, CAD, Contouring, Earthworks, Road-, Sewer-, Stormwater-, Irrigation-design and Volume calculations  are only a little of what we offer.

Model Maker Systems is committed to the development of the highest quality software in the fields of surveying, engineering, mining, town-planning, landscaping, quantity survey, irrigation design and construction. Development guided by user demand and the highest standard of support has made Model Maker Systems software the leader in its field. 

Although software development started as early as 1982, Model Maker Systems was established in 1989. Since then the Model Maker, Road Maker and Pipe Maker suite of survey and engineering software were developed to become the leader in its field of application. At the end of 2004 the development of Survey Maker started. Currently our software is used by many South African and international companies - see productivity counter on home page. The software is developed with the aim of providing users with an easy to use high productivity tool, using the latest software development tools available, and with close co-operation from users. A commitment to outstanding user support has made Model Maker Systems a leader in the field of survey, engineering and construction software development. The programs consist of individual modules. Users need to purchase only the modules required for their application.

Suggested minimum module configurations for various disciplines :

Surveyors :

Model Maker (9000 points) modules 1,2,6  / Survey Maker modules 1,2

Consulting Engineers / Contractors :

Model Maker (9000 points) modules 1-4,6,11

Road Maker modules 1,3

Pipe Maker modules 1,2,3

Irrigation Engineers :

IrriMaker   -  This consist Model Maker (9000 points)  modules 1,2,6,17