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Model Maker DTM

Module Description Unlimited Edition 32,500 DTM pnts 9000 DTM pnts
  1.* Data entry and edit, model triangulation and on the screen manipulation of data and model. R 4240.00 R 2910.00 R 1970.00
2. Plotting to plotter, DXF-, ASCII- or HPGL-file and Google Earth output. R 2990.00 R2430.00 R 1210.00
  3.* Dump and Quarry volumes, extract cross- and long-sections, slope and watershed analysis, export points on grid. R 2650.00
  4.* Mass earthworks cut and fill calculations and terrace design with automatic toe-line generation.   R 1840.00
  5.* Three dimensional views and drawings (3D).   R 1380.00
6. Drawing functions (MM-CAD).   R 5130.00
7. Convert cross- and long-sections to MM-CAD.   R 1600.00
8. Road horizontal alignment setting out.   R 1260.00
9. Open cast Mine Planning (Strip areas, Volumes and Ratio).   R 3860.00
10. Borehole Manager.   R 2210.00
11.  Geometric Alignment Strings.   R 4310.00
12.  Rehabilitation and Landscaping to design slope parameters.   R 4310.00
13. 3D-Masshaul with volume centroids and movement. R 1720.00
14. Automatic determination of optimised terrace perimeter within boundaries. R 1940.00
15. Rural Power line design (Curve Templates). R 4310.00
16. Earth dam design. R 2380.00
17. Irrigation design R 12250.00
18. Road Geometry - turning circles R 1270.00
19. Coordinate datum conversions (WGS84-CapeClark-OSGB36) R 1980.00
20. HYDROSIM stormwater analysis layout creator R 1270.00
21. Sewer erf connection depth analysis R 1270.00


Model Maker 400 Points Version

Description Price
Automatic determination of toe lines excluded. Limited functions from Modules 1 - 4 from full version above. Prices Modules 5 to 21 as above. R 2680.00


Model Maker - Irrigation Design

Description Price
Full IrriMaker : Includes Model Maker (9000 points) modules 1,2,6 & 17 R 20560.00
PIVOT MAKER : MM(3000) 1,2,6,17 doing pivot design only and CAD restricted to 1000 lines. R 8000.00
 IrriExpress Pivots only R 7550.00
 IrriExpress Blocks (Solid set & Drip) only R 7550.00
 IrriExpress Pivots and Blocks R 11330.00


Road Maker

 Module Description Price
  1.* Ground data entry and edit, plot of cross- and long-sections to screen, plotter or file. R 3100.00
2. Plot of 8 ground cross-sections together and cut/fill calculations between any two. R 2100.00
  3.* Design single carriageway road profile, vertical alignment, and cut/fill volumes and toepoints. R 4360.00
4. Edit ground cross-section on graphic screen. R 1270.00
  5.* Design dual carriageway road profile. R 1530.00
6. Masshaul diagram plotting. R 1600.00
7. Road geometry analysis. R 2380.00


Pipe Maker

 Module Description Price
1. Ground data entry and edit, plotting of long-sections to screen, plotter or file. R 2420.00
2. Design of pipe vertical alignment and plotting of design long-sections. R 2550.00
3. Calculation of pipe and excavation quantities. R 2380.00


Survey Maker

 Module Description Price
1. Basic survey Calculations including MMS method datum conversions R 5100.00
2. Cadastral calculations and drawings R 3200.00
3. Level  fieldbook Reduction R 1270.00
 4. Mine Survey functions  R 1270.00
5. WGS84Cape Clark conversions (ORION)  R 1980.00 
6. Sectional title calculations and drawings R 1650.00

* Module = Basic DTM and Design Modules, comparable to other systems.


Point Cloud Viewer (+R600.00 if not activated on Model Maker key)

 Module Description Price
1. Virtual survey functions to file or directly to MM. MM triangle editing. Lighting and Classification and data. R 1775.00
2. Cloud Filtering to grid data, auditing and noise removal. R 1150.00


Please Note

  • We have a Model Maker "beginners" training DVD available at R 925.00
  • All prices include 14% VAT but exclude bank charges, installation and training.
  • An annual update and support contract is available at 8% of the purchase price of the software per year (payable in advance).
  • Giving monthly upgrades on web-site and telephonic and e-mail support. We suggest first year maintenance to be taken with initial purchase.
  • Limited support for the first two months is free of charge.
  • The bulk order discount for more than one copy per order will be less 20%-2nd, 30%-3rd copy and 40% for 4th and more.
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